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November 28-29, 2014, Minsk

Call us: (+375 17) 210-24-16


Top Management: The Result Speaks For Itself!


What is «Top-Management» business conference?

  • it is an international platform for communication of professionals, experts, business practitioners with a 9-year history
  • it is a synergy of experience, knowledge, communication, discoveries and development
  • it is more than 400 owners and top managers from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, the Baltic States and countries of the far abroad

10th International Conference «Top-Management: the big goal!» is:

  • search for a goal creation secret
  • a «time check»: time-proven and latest tools of goal setting, describing, correcting and achieving
  • it is Its Majesty Goal from all angles: strategic, financial, HR, human, motivational and many others

10th International Conference «Top-Management» is:

  • anniversary of the project: summarization and creation of a new event!
  • this is a firework of formats and discoveries!
  • focus on networking: more than 300 unique new business acquaintances for 2 days!
  • intellectual challenge with a variety of prizes and gifts from the partners of the event
  • that, what YOU MUST VISIT if you are the Head!


General Partner


The conference has been gathering its collection of business and consulting experts with great care and thoroughness. Today there are 195 speakers in the collection. These include top managers of famous companies and organizations: Volvo, IKEA, CISCO, SAP AG, Deutsche Bank, «AvtoVAZ», «Nizhpharm», «Uralsib», МАХ «Atlant-M», ASSTRA ASSOCIATED TRAFFIC AG, Coca-Cola, «Beltransgaz», Audi, Oracle, Trout & Partners Russia, «Mann, Ivanov and Ferber», «Intalev», «VTB24», «AVTOBAN», Heineken, ALUTECH Group of companies, International Finance Corporation.

As well as the world-wide known experts:

  • Kjell Nordström (2013), World Opinion Leader, Business Coach, Author of the book «Funky Business», Sweden.
  • Alexander Osterwalder (2012), independent author, lecturer and advisor, the author of the bestseller of 2011 «Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers».
  • Drayton Bird (2011), founder of the largest direct marketing agency in the United Kingdom - Trenear Harvey, Bird & Watson, UK.
  • Derek Cabrera (2010), founder and president of ThinkWorks company specializing in trainings and seminars to promote system thinking for organization leaders, USA.
  • Christer Ferling (2009), CEO and co-owner of IFL Entrepreneur AB (a subsidiary of the Swedish Institute of Management), project manager at the Swedish Institute of Management, Sweden.
  • Rowan Gibson (2009), expert on radical innovation, author of the bestseller «Rethinking the Future», Germany.
  • W. Chan Kim (2008), Chair Professor of Strategy and International Management at INSEAD (France) – one of the top business schools of the world.
  • Ichak Adizes (2007), founder and president of the Adizes Institute, Santa-Monica, California.
  • Harald Schedl (2006), head of office of Simon-Kucher & Partners in Austria, Central and Eastern Europe, Germany.

« Top Management: Big Goal»,           2014


« Top Management: the Result speaks for Itself!», 2013


«Top Management: Challenges of the Future», 2012

«Top Management: Smart Money»,

«Top Management: Business Leadership Tools», 2010

«Top Management: Strategy of Breakthrough», 2009

«Top Management: Power of Innovations», 2008

«Top Management: Challenges and Limits of Competition», 2007


Yevgeny Chichvarkin

Yevgeny Chichvarkin (UK)

Business-legend, millionaire, genius and scandalous entrepreneur. Founder of “Euroset” mobile phone retailer. Investor of «Hedonism drinks» wine company; skype interview

Alexander Bard

Alexander Bard (Sweden)

Swedish cyberphilosopher, music producer, television show host, and highly sought-after international lecturer

Garik Korogodskiy

Garik Korogodskiy (Ukraine)

Multimillionaire, Writer, Benefactor

Alexandr Knyrovich

Alexandr Knyrovich (Belarus)

Chairman of the Board of «Bavin» Community

Oleg Nadin

Oleg Nadin (Belarus)

Founder, PRO-TRADE

Alexandr Kulizhskiy

Alexandr Kulizhskiy (Belarus)

Managing Partner of «Key Decisions» consulting company

Mark Kukushkin

Mark Kukushkin (Russia)

Co-owner and Couch Consultant of «BEST-Training» and «Training-boutique»

Maxim Zhurilo

Maxim Zhurilo (Russia)

Business Coach of «Business Relations» Company

Konstantin Fedorov

Konstantin Fedorov (Belarus)

Vice President, general manager of the «JT International Luxemburg S.A.»

Irina Riukhina

Irina Riukhina (Russia)

Basketball player, founder of Sports Psychology Agency

Aleksandr Tsenter

Aleksandr Tsenter (Belarus)

CEO of the Group of Companies A-100

Timofei Yeremeyev

Timofei Yeremeyev (United Kingdom)

The first and only Belarusian, who received from Queen Elizabeth II the highest award in the field of innovation

Maksim Batyrev

Maksim Batyrev (Russia)

Author of bestseller «45 tattoos of the Manager», «Manager of the year 2012», Board Member of Company «Chto delats Konsalt»

Igor Chernogolov

Igor Chernogolov (Russia)

The head of "Penetron-Russia" Holding, Company of the year in Russia in 2010-2012

Yelena Shateni

Yelena Shateni (USA)

General Practitioner, candidate of International private project Mars One (human settlement on Mars)

Oleg Penyazkov

Oleg Penyazkov (Belarus)

Director of the Institute for heat-and-mass transfer, Belarus National Academy of Sciences

Valery Sushkov

Valery Sushkov (The Netherlands)

Independent Expert, Head of ICG Training & Consulting, founder of European Association TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)

Dmitri Leichik

Dmitri Leichik (Belarus)

COO of the Group of Companies M8

Expected speaker

Expected speaker №19

The name of the expected speaker will be revealed on October 30th!

Expected speaker

Expected speaker №20

The name of the expected speaker will be revealed on November 3th!

Expected speaker

Expected speaker №21

The name of the expected speaker will be revealed on November 6th!

Expected speaker

Expected speaker №22

The name of the expected speaker will be revealed on November 10d

Expected speaker

Expected speaker №23

The name of the expected speaker will be revealed on November 13th!

Expected speaker

Expected speaker №24

The name of the expected speaker will be revealed on November 17th!


Expected speaker

Expected speaker №25

The expected speaker's name will be open on November 24th

By November 29th, the list will contain 25 names!


This year we celebrate the anniversary of the Conference – 10 years. Our Conference is supported and powered first of all by our participants: speakers and experts as well as the audience itself - serious minded, grasping, sometimes frightening foreign gurus who are accustomed to unconditional acceptance.

This conference will be a kind of summing up point and a new starting point.

The Participants in our first conferences will be experts and look back over the past ten years. We will think and talk about a goal. About the Big Goal.

Questions, the answers to which we want to get closer:

«Creation» of the goal
  • Long-term and medium-term goals, prioritization
  • Live and mechanical goals
  • Tools for goal setting, formalization and description
  • A big hairy audacious goal? Reality or myth
  • Goal-based management vs result-based management
  • Goal setting and decision making in situation of instability
  • Financial tools for achieving goal
  • Staff as a tool for goal implementation
  • New trends in achievement motivation
  • Gamification – business- panacea of the 21st century?
Alternative goals
  • Sport goals
  • Research goals
  • Social, humanitarian goals
  • «Robbery in the style of…» or international goal standards
Life «after goal»
  • Estimation of the result
  • Transformation and setting new goals
  • Construction of business networks
  • Cumulative effects of partnership

Why have we chosen the theme of the Big Goal? 10 years ago the conference became our big goal. It is the Big Goal that makes people develop, increase their «powerlevel», get new experience and bumps. The real Big Goal is a fusion of mission, dream, values and will.

But before finding the Big Goal, one should start with the sacrament of birth of the Goal.

Many entrepreneurs of the past and present noted that to maintain piece of mind one needs a purpose in life - an ambitious goal to aspire for, and a proud that one works for its implementation.

The goal is a chosen and planned result of activity. On the other hand, being in various situations, we do not have a guaranteed goal setting tool. This is an ultimate level contradiction inherent in the management.

There are a vast number of mechanisms called goal-setting mechanisms. But practically, these are the mechanisms of goal state capture, fixation and formalization that positively allow planning purposes in a more efficient and technical way.

But HOW the Goal arises and what should we do to keep the goal in focus? Norbert Wiener, father of cybernetics, believed that one of the most mysterious events is how the goal comes into man's mind. How a vision of the desired future becomes the goal - the superior force motive, the driver, the «winch from the future» that pulls, pushes us to the ideal planned result.

In the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving there is the notion of Worthy Goal. This goal has novelty, social utility, significance, practicality and must be in advance of the time. This type of goals may be called as «alive», internally approved goals. Meanwhile, business often implies rational «countable», mechanical goals. Some people set them easily, while others prefer only declarations and ultimately end in nothing.

The way these goals differ in their lifecycle will be discussed at the conference.


Conference program will be available soon on the website. Follow the updates!


Package particularities
Entry to conference (2 days)
Conference workbook
Simultaneous interpretation
Place in the conference hall
1st row
Rows 2-10
Rows 11-17
Coffee breaks
Premium LOUNGE
In the common hall
In the common hall
Premium LOUNGE
Buffet in restaurant
Gala dinner
Complete package of the Participant (CD with presentations of speakers and gifts from the conference partners)

Reservation of a lot at the Renaissance Minsk Hotel parking

Premium registration

Access to the Premium LOUNGE – rest area of speakers

Book with autograph of one of the key speakers
10,900 000 BYR +VAT
810 EUR
42 000 RUR
5,390 000 BYR +VAT
400 EUR
20 750 RUR
3,250 000 BYR +VAT
245 EUR
12 500 RUR


Bonuses and discounts!

Participants of previous conferences receive — 5% discount!

Participant of 3 and more conferences receives a personal bonus – «Business» package* at the «Standard» price.


Discount for the number of participants:

3 persons and more – 7%

7 persons and more – 10%

More than 10 persons – negotiated discount

Discounts are summed up!

*Discounts don’t apply to «Standard» and «Business at the Standard price» tickets.


Minsk, Dzerzhinsky Avenue 1 E
Hotel Renaissance Minsk


«Key Decisions»
(+375 17) 210-24-16, 256-90-43/44

KCHUP «Kliuchevye reshenia» — TRN 190317633
OOO «KR-konsalt» — TRN 190819370

Key Decisions

Event times:
November 28-29, 2014

November 28, 9:30 am

Anna Kisel,

Manager of Business-event Department,

(+375 29) 655-25-23
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Natalia Kovzik,

Head of Business-event Department,

(+375 29) 640-66-49
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